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Founded and run by NNPs, National Neonatal Staffing is dedicated to providing NNPs and hospitals with the best experience in the industry.  No one understands NNP assignments better.

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Working in the healthcare industry often means putting your career first. The hours are long, but the job is so rewarding. When you are ready for a change, it can be difficult to find the time to search and interview for new positions. At National Neonatal Staffing, we know that you have the experience necessary to provide hospitals, infants, and families with the best care possible. That’s why taking neonatal nurse practitioner locum tenens assignments might be the best option for you. National Neonatal Staffing is dedicated to fitting NNPs with hospitals around the nation.

What is a

Locum Tenens Neonatal Nurse Practitioner?

Locum tenens is a Latin word that means “to hold a place”. A locum tenens Neonatal Nurse Practitioner assignment is a temporary assignment needed to fill a shortage. The shortage could be due to a leave of absence, an unexpected demand, or other reasons. Working locum tenens assignments allow nurse practitioners the ability to work in new areas, gain valuable varied experience, and provide care to more infants and families in need.

Why Work With

National Neonatal Staffing?

As an experienced NNP, you have earned the ability to work at a hospital that fits you. Your career goals and personal goals matter, and it is vital to find the right fit. National Neonatal Staffing is owned and operated by experienced NNPs who have worked clinically in NICUs since 1985. No one understands what to look for when matching NNPs to assignments better.

Additionally, we are committed to working closely with each of our NNPs to fully understand their goals, values, and personality traits to ensure every assignment is a good fit. Our commitment to our personal NNP careers has afforded us the ability to create lasting relationships with hospitals throughout the United States. These relationships allow us to provide a better fit for an assignment than other locum tenens companies.

At National Neonatal Staffing, we are committed to your career and helping you meet your goals. We can offer advice and coaching on updating your resume, acing an interview and negotiating a salary that excites you.

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