How a Locum Tenens Provider Can Benefit Your Healthcare Organization

Effectively managing a successful healthcare organization is not always easy. Staffing issues can arise at a moment’s notice— causing shortages, reduced patient satisfaction, and physician burnout. With all these roadblocks combined, you may find that you require the flexibility of temporary staffing. Working with a locum tenens service can benefit your healthcare organization more than you may realize. Continue reading to learn more.

Benefits of Locum Tenens Neonatal Nurse Practitioners
Locum tenens nurse practitioners provide hospitals and other healthcare organizations with a level of flexibility that can’t be matched. When any type of staffing issue arises, a locum tenens provider can be available quickly. Locum tenens providers are typically people who are well suited to jump into a new environment without hesitation, making the transition fairly painless and easy.

Locum tenens providers are used by approximately 85% of healthcare facilities in the United States each year. And it’s easy to see why. Not only do locum tenens nurse practitioners provide a hospital with plenty of staffing flexibility, but they also allow for permanent and full-time nurse practitioners to take leave or take vacations as needed. This, in turn, makes for happier physicians, which makes for happier patients. Additionally, locum tenens providers cost your hospital much less because they don’t require vacation time, health insurance, or a 401K match. This keeps costs down which leaves more for full-time employees, hospitals’ needs, and lower costs for patients.

Hire a Locum Tenens Neonatal Nurse Practitioner
If you are ready to start working with a locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner, contact Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Services of Georgia today. Most of our NNPs have 20 years of experience working in level III NICUs— providing your patients with the highest quality of care possible. Contact us today to get started.