5 Reasons Why Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Love Working Locum Tenens

5 Reasons Why Neonatal Nurse Practitioners Love Working Locum Tenens

More and more healthcare providers are reaping the benefits of a locum tenens career. With major benefits for providers and patients alike, its no wonder why. If you’re not familiar with the term, locum tenens literally translated means “temporary work.” As a locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner, you fill in at hospitals and other health care organizations when there are shortages in staffing. This may be for a few weeks, or months depending on the needs of the practice. To some, the appeal is obvious: travel opportunities and tons of freedom and flexibility. Let’s review a few other reasons why neonatal nurse practitioners love working locum tenens assignments.

1. Increased Compensation
Perhaps the main appeal is the fact that locum tenens providers typically earn higher salaries. Many locum tenens providers opt to pick up additional shifts overnight or on weekends to help pay down their student loan debt or save up for large purchases.

2. Job Freedom & Flexibility
When working locum tenens, you have the power to accept or turn down assignments that work for you or not. You’re able to choose the hour, negotiate your pay rate, and more.

3. Travel opportunities
Traveling to different parts of the United States is another major appeal of working locum tenens. Locums providers typically get to choose cities they want to visit. This is a great option if you want to ‘try out’ new cities before you make a commitment to fully move.

4. Meeting New People
Traveling increases your opportunities to meet new people and build your network of professional and personal relationships.

5. Varied Career Experiences
There’s no greater benefit to a neonatal nurse practitioner than having extensive experience in various environments. Working locum tenens allows you to experience an array of hospitals and patients. This extra experience will help you grow as a provider and make you an even better nurse practitioner.

Working as a locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner is a rewarding and exciting experience. To get started, contact Neonatal Nurse Practitioner Services of Georgia today. We will work with you to get assignments you love!