How to Avoid Physician Burnout

How to Avoid Physician Burnout

Physician burnout is becoming increasingly more common. As the demand for healthcare rises, many physicians find themselves overworked and stressed out. This mixed with a high-stress job drives many physicians to feel burned-out and seeking other career options. In fact, about 54% of physicians reported feeling burned out in a study conducted in 2014. Since higher physician stress levels can lead to lower patient satisfaction, it is vital to ensure that your physicians are happy at work. Let’s review three ways to avoid physician burnout.

1. Promote Healthy Hobbies Outside of Work
Regardless of how much you love your job, if you don’t have a healthy work-life balance, you will eventually suffer burnout. This is especially true for physicians. Since physicians work long shifts, have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, and work in an emotionally exhausting job, the burnout potential is even higher. Studies show that physicians who partake in hobbies outside of work are happier and more fulfilled at work. There are several ways you can go about promoting a healthy work-life balance, so choose something that fits best with your hospital’s needs.

2. Regular Check-Ins
Checking in with your physicians on a regular basis can give them a chance to discuss any issues or struggles they are having. This allows you to take the necessary steps to ensure your physicians don’t get burned out. The check ins don’t have to be lengthy, a few minutes once or twice per day is all it takes. Open communication works wonders in the mental health of your staff.

3. Work With a Locum Tenens Provider
Working with a locum tenens provider can ease some of the burden your physicians are facing. A locum tenens provider allows for more schedule flexibility and can always share a portion of patient care. This means that your physicians and patients will be much happier.

Locum Tenens Company Nearby
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