How to Help a Locum Tenens Provider Succeed

Hiring a locum tenens neonatal nurse practitioner can be a time-consuming endeavor. You are not just hiring a locum tenens to fill a gap in staffing, you also need this new provider to provide the quality of care your patients deserve and expect. Having a proper onboarding process in place will make sure that your locum tenens providers get off to a great start and set them up for success down the road. Let’s review a few ways that hospitals can ensure their locum tenens providers are successful.

1. Allow Time for Training Overlap
Depending on the nature of your hire, this is not always possible. But if you are able to, plan for at least one day for the new locum tenens provider to ‘shadow’ the provider they will be replacing. This will give your provider time to adjust to their new surrounding, ask any questions that come up throughout the day. This also allows patients a chance to get acclimated to their new provider.

2. Prepare a Welcome Basket or Packet
A welcome basket or packet can contain any of the following:

  • Instructions for getting badges, door codes, etc.
  • Parking instructions
  • A map of the facility
  • Information things such as cafeteria hours, popular restaurants nearby, etc.
  • Anything else relevant and helpful that new person would need to know.

3. Schedule Off-Campus Events
To get to know your new provider, and welcome them to the area, schedule a lunch or dinner event with their colleagues. This is a great way to help them feel welcome and like a part of the team. And it will help you get to know their personalities outside of work.

4. Prep Any IT-Related Items in Advance
Make sure the provider is set up in the system with passwords, etc ready to go. This will reduce stress and make for a smooth transition.

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